The human experience as
understood by the divine self

Learning to listen, trust that voice and take full responsibility for your life

Keys for Self Transformation

Susan Kirk,
Intuitive Spiritual
When we are aware of our own divine nature and our human struggles to stay present with that love, we develop compassion.
When we extend that compassion to others, we create loving relationships and community, thereby contributing to the healing of the world.
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Awareness of your numerological chart affects the way you experience life and the choices you make concerning your:

  • Spiritual experience
  • Creative abilities
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Career choices
  • Financial decisions
  • Transitions
  • Timing

Your life has an underlying structure that can be accessed through the symbolic meaning of numbers.

Our names and birth dates are codes that represent states of consciousness. Each resonates with a defined potential, divine in origin. Our task is to fulfill that purpose.

Number is energy expressed in form.
We are energy, so in essence, we are numerological beings.

Numerology is an ancient language using number symbolism as a key to human consciousness. Numerology is an intuitive art, available to humanity as a means of understanding our Divine nature expressed in human form. Your name and birthdate are exquisit patterns that when interpreted numerologically provide the roadmap you created for your life. Susan's objectives for you in a numerology reading are clarity and empowerment. This is your life, your numerological design that Susan can accurately interpret with you.

Susan is a numerologist who resides in Santa Cruz, California. To schedule a numerology reading with Susan or for more information, either phone or email her at: 831-335-8426 or
I wish to gratefully acknowledge the work and teachings of my mentor Michel Kassett. In my opinion, Michel’s work on the idea of the mind position of the numerological chart is essential to the full understanding of the human experience.  Michel is a living channel of numerological energy and is way ahead of his time. I have been graced by his presence in my life.

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