Articles on Numerology
by Susan Kirk

Articles linked to the table below are downloadable and printable Adobe PDF files.
Why I love this language
Demystifying the Numerology Chart
Numerology for 2008-A "1" Year for the planet – The creation of a new cycle
Numerology for 2007-The "9" Universal Year “Honesty-Authenticity-Integration-Compassion-Transcendence”
Numerology for 2006-The "8" Universal Year “Manifestation of our highest ideals in form”
Numerology for 2005-A "7" Year for humanity, Percolate all that has occurred until it is clear
Numerology for 2004–A “6” Year for Humanity Co-Creating Heaven on Earth
Numerology for 2003–A “5” Year for humanity, The possibility of transformation by holding firm to the heart of meaning
Numerology for 2002–A “4” Year for the Planet The Work for All of Us “Embodying Spirit on Our Human Journey”
Numerolgoy for 2001–A "3" Year for community solutions and possibilities of healing
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