About Susan Kirk

Susan has extensive training in the intuitive and healing arts.  For the past twenty years she has applied numerology as a healing tool for clients all over the world.  Susan’s particular focus is on empowering the individual through self-awareness and recognition of the Soul’s grand design and how to align to that beauty.  Most of Susan's Numerology readings are done by phone. Her practice is based in Santa Cruz County , California . Susan also travels to Marin County, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Honolulu to see clients.

”Susan is a gifted interpreter of the language of the Spirit.  Her life purpose is to heal with awareness and love.”

- Sobonfu Somè    

“Susan is a living transformer.  She leaves everything she touches in a higher state.”

- Michel Kassett, Numerologist

“When we adopted our daughter into a family of three boys, Susan looked at the entire family’s numerology charts. She gave us really useful information which helped us transition into a new dynamic. I often refer to her guidance particularly about my children and their true purpose in this life."

—Jan Zeff: D.C.

"Susan is an incredible resource for my patients who would “like to know more” about their lives and their healing process. Her unique approach to our human challenges is applicable to everyone. I highly recommend her work."

—Jennifer lee Gunst, Accupunturist

“Susan is a highly skilled and intuitive practitioner of numerology which offers another language for understanding the challenges and lessons of emotional pain.  Clients can use this effectively as an adjunct to traditional psychotherapy.”

- Katherine McCleary, MFCC