Numerical Patterns as a Bridge between the
Seen and Unseen Worlds

We would encounter a very different world if we didn't have this knowledge to bridge the seen and the unseen. We could not accurately describe our lives without relying on the language of numbers.  We could not tell our age or where we live, how many children we have or how many years it has been since we saw a beloved. Certainly understanding our present financial reality as well as speculating about the future completely depends on numbers. 

Whatever part of our personal story we want to think about or communicate, we "use" numbers to shape, order and structure our tale.  Bob Dylan asked the question, "What price do you have to pay to get out of going through all these things twice?" It is not so much the "thing" itself but the "number" of times that calls on us to pay attention. Our age informs us of a multitude of socially accepted patterns. If we are five years old we are not expected to behave in the way we do at age twenty five. It is number that gives us a conscious context in which to live. Numbers are in a sense, a divine, moral, yet non-judgmental measuring stick that we as individuals use to note our progress through time and space.

Number reminds us that we are an integral part of the design of the universe we live in. Numerical intelligence is not a language that we have imposed on life; it is a means of apprehending the divine order of things as they are.

If we accept that nature has such an order and structure, then as a vital part of nature, so do we. It would be unreasonable to believe that we are outside the order of things. We can apply these building blocks of reality to our inner being by using the language of numerology. An awareness of the meaning and inherent properties of number symbolism can guide more consciously through problems and opportunities for a given set of circumstances at a particular time. The information they hold can be ascertained and used to understand the landscape of a single life and of the world thus becoming a vibrant bridge between the seen and unseen realities.

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Copyright 2004 Susan Kirk
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