Numerical Patterns as a Bridge between the Seen and Unseen Worlds

The reality of numerical patterns can be viewed wherever we are willing to look. Nature reveals her awesome designs for us in snowflakes and sea shells, the motion of the planets and the rhythm of the sea. When closely observed, these phenomena offer us an inside look at an intelligence greater than our own yet intrinsically linked with our existence. We are invited to study and be awed by a design that defines the order of the universe.

Culturally, we take as fact the precept that numeric patterns underlie reality. We know that buildings cannot be built nor planes fly nor electricity be harnessed without an accurate grasp of mathematical truths. Even the most advanced experts in the stock market turn to charts based on numerical patterns to predict future market trends. This discipline, called "technical analysis," is the dominant tool used worldwide in the trading commodities. It is simply a means of "prediction" based on knowledge of numerical patterns.

Modern physics now articulates these patterns for us. Physicist Fritjof Capra calls this the "comprehensive order of matter."

In his stunning book “The Web Of Life”, Capra clearly demonstrates an obvious relationship between our tangible physical world and underlying energy systems, life's vital network that structures and shapes all manner of life. From this awareness, he makes clear that humanity must wake up to our responsibility in the energetic exchange that goes on constantly with the world around us. By understanding these numerological patterns we can begin to co-create our future. 

In our daily lives we are using our knowledge of numerology patterns, however unwittingly, to bring order and form to an otherwise seemingly random universe.  For example, when we set off on a trip we use data about distance and velocity in order to predict our timely arrival. By developing a good relationship with time and space, as vehicles for our intentions, we are able to show up in life in a dependable way. We can say to another person with assurance, "You can count on me." The metaphor of counting which numeric at its root, portrays solidity and therefore conveys a sense of trust.

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